Carpet Repairs

We offer a full range of carpet repairs:


If you have a wave, ripple or hump of excess carpet either in the middle of the room or closer to the baseboard, we can reinstall the carpet to a taunt position. Carpet is designed to have tension on it, that’s why the backing is crisscrossed. During the manufacturing process the mill does tension and stress testing of the carpet. When carpet is installed it is supposed to be Power Stretched, this will insure a uniformity of tension. The result of a proper installation is that the carpet will wear longer, thus improving your investment in your carpet.


If you have a burn or permanent stain ( If we can not remove the stain, it’s permanent!!! ) in your carpet, we can take some of your left over carpet and seam in a patch. Often the homeowner doesn’t have excess carpet, here we can remove the needed piece from in a closet usually behind the door jam.

Dog Holes / Cat Holes:

This usually happens at the door jam when your pet wants out, or sometimes where the carpet meets the tile or vinyl floor. Here we can seam in a patch at the door jam or power stretch the carpet into the tile.

Replacing a threshold:

Either with a metal strip or a vinyl insert. These create a transition between the carpet and another type of flooring.