Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning

We take considerable care in the treatment of your Oriental rugs… often, the rugs are very expensive, have family history or were inherited. We have been cleaning and protecting Orientals for over 26 years. Also, we have cleaned antique Oriental rugs as old as 130 years and they came out perfect! One of our customers who lived in high end home told me that her 9 real Silk Persian rugs had been appraised and were valued almost as expensive as her home. I personally cleaned these rugs, and she was absolutely delighted and extremely grateful.

Our service technicians are highly trained and experienced in the area of cleaning Orientals, Persians, Tapestry…rugs whether they are made out of wool, silk, linen or synthetic fibers. Before we clean, we will first inspect and test the rugs and the fringe to determine the best method of cleaning and the appropriate cleaning solutions to use.

We usually come out to inspect the rugs, pick them up, to be cleaned at our facility , Scotchgard, dry, wrap in plastic. When we deliver them we will roll them out for your inspection, then place them as directed and move any furniture back in place. However, sometimes we can affect our cleaning on site.