Drape & Valance Dry Cleaning

We are well trained and have over 20 years experience in Dry Cleaning all types of drapery and sheers, as well as Valances. Including fabrics that are extremely delicate. Some have beads sewn into the fabric. On the Valances some are rolled, twisted, fanned and/or tied. We can clean these and they will look exactly as they did before we started. However they will no longer have dust, dust mites, particulate matter. We also remove the airborne bacteria and germs that may be clinging to the fabric. We use a superior Dry Cleaning method. We do this in your home, on the hook without taking the drapes down and without disassembling the Valances. We charge less than other companies that remove your drapes returning them in a week or two. That method just removes your privacy, we are certain you would not want anybody looking in your Windows. With our method you will not lose any privacy. I will personally come out for a free inspection and estimate the cost.